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Elixir Specialty's expertise delivers a strategic partnership

We see pharmaceutical manufacturers as essential stakeholders in the customer care journey, and we are a strategic partner who will collaborate to support adherence, compliance and outcomes. We are an experienced and trusted teammate, demonstrated by our participation in multiple limited distribution networks. Further, our team members collaborate with our manufacturer partners through all stages of the product lifecycle, from research through product launch and post launch. We also regularly update our clinical management pathways to follow the most current practice guidelines.

Our strategic services include:

  • Assistance in product launches
  • Integration of manufacturer programs into our customer care support
  • Collaboration through all stages of a product lifecycle
  • Outstanding, high-touch clinical support focused on customer outcomes
  • Robust reporting capabilities and insights beyond typical data sets

Additionally, we understand the value of information and have an experienced team that can provide HIPAA-compliant reports of aggregate data, incorporating key clinical metrics, after-launch clinical findings and standard dispensing information. To learn more about our reporting capabilities, please contact our Manufacturer Relations Team at 330-491-4202.

Our responsive, tailored clinical support meets customer needs and delivers optimal outcomes

We holistically support customers of all ages who require injectable, infused and oral treatments for acute, chronic and complex conditions. We provide counseling on how to use, store and administer medications, as well as guidance for side-effect management. We also provide follow up care and education throughout treatment while simultaneously helping customers monitor and manage costs. We offer a compassionate human touch and individualized approach resulting in a superior level of customer and provider satisfaction.

The foundation of our customer commitment

The keystone of our service is our care model, which demonstrates our commitment to excellence through our hands-on clinical support and ongoing customer therapy management. Our engagement gives us the ability to connect customers with comprehensive support programs and rapidly adjust care plans to response. We also incorporate new clinical findings into our pathways as they become available to ensure the best possible support for our customers.

Use the button below to learn more about our care model or contact our Manufacturer Relations department for a live demonstration at 330-491-4202.