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Can I return my medication to Elixir Pharmacy if my doctor takes me off of it?

Did my prescription get mailed yet?

Did you receive my prescription yet from my doctor?

Do I have to pay my balance before you ship my medications?

How can I transfer my prescription from Elixir Specialty to another pharmacy?

How can I transfer my prescription from another pharmacy to Elixir Specialty?

How do I administer/take my medication?

How do I check the status of my specialty medication order?

How do I enroll?

How do I know if a prescription has expired?

How do I know if my insurance will cover prescriptions and services?

How do I order refills for my medication? Or Can I get a refill of my prescription?

How fast can I receive my medication?

What are the side effects of this medication?

What are your hours of operation?

What do I do if I’m having a side effect or a reaction to my medication?

What if I need to talk to a pharmacist about my medication or I have side effects?

What is a specialty pharmacy?

Where is my delivery of my medication?

Where is my prescription in the process?

Will you contact me if there is a delay with my order?

How can I report a problem with my medication?

Do you provide nursing for applicable disease states?

How can I send you a prescription?

How quickly can you get the prescription to the patient?

Is the medication covered for the patient? If not, how will I be notified or how do I start a prior authorization?

What disease states do you service?

What if our office needs to talk to a pharmacist?

Where can I get medication order forms?